What is Painters TradeCraft? 

Painters TradeCraft is a video series that focuses on elevating Pro Paint business practices, trade skills and craftsmanship. Tune in to get tips, tricks and best practices from respected industry Pro Painters like Chris Berry the Idaho Painter and Nick Slavik from “Ask a Painter” live show on Facebook.

The platform is designed to be used as a resource for all levels of painters. Beginners can get tips to help them be successful, established businesses can get insight on new services/applications they want to offer, and business owners have a tool for training new employees. This is just the start, stay tuned to watch more Painters TradeCraft videos as we add new editions.

Test Drive: Elite 3000


The Idaho Painter tests the Titan Elite 3000



Tips Wear - No Really They Do


What tip... Red, Green or Purple?


General Tip Wear

CABINET Finishing Series


Cabinet Finishing - Prep


Cabinet Finishing - Coating Tech


Cabinet Finishing - Priming


Cabinet Finishing - The Equipment


Cabinet Finishing - Air-Assisted Airless Application


Cabinet Finishing - Airless Application


Cabinet Finishing -  HVLP Application

Inner-Feed Roller insight


Does an Inner-Feed Roller Make Sense?


Inner-Feed Roller Contractor's Insight


Inner-Feed Roller Tips


Set-up: Using an Inner-Feed Roller

HVLP Spray Gun Troubleshooting


Air Tube & Valve Replacement: Maxum Elite


Needle, Nozzle, & Air Cap Replacement: Maxum Elite


Needle Seal Change: Maxum Elite


Air Tube & Valve Replacement: Maxum II


Needle, Nozzle, & Air Cap Replacement: Maxum II


Needle Seal Change: Maxum II


Clean Up: Maxum Series

Airless Spray Gun TRoubleshooting


Repacking: RX-80


Repacking: Rx-Pro

quick start


Elite 3000

sprayer troubleshooting


Impact 440


Elite Series: Pump Priming


Elite Series: Valve Replacement

How To's


Set up: Impact 440


Application: Impact 440


Clean up: Impact 440


Set-up: Flexspray Handheld


Spraying: Flexspray Handheld


Clean Up: Flexspray Handheld


Start Up: PowrLiner


Spraying: PowrLiner


Clean Up: PowrLiner


Start Up: Elite 4500


Spraying: Elite 4500


Clean Up: Elite 4500


Start Up: Hydra X


Spraying: Hydra X


Clean Up: Hydra X

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